WordPress Setup Service

It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal blog or a website for your small business – it deserves a proper setup!

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The main features of my WordPress setup service.

  • Freebies
  • 8 Years of Experience
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Security


Easy to Whip Up, Hard to Configure and Optimize

For those with moderate patience, it can be easy to whip up a WordPress website or blog. But is it just about simply adding content and media?

Here are some of the vital things you need to consider when setting up a WordPress website or blog.

  • Is your website secure? Do you need a security plugin? Which one? How do you configure it?
  • Is your site's performance good? Do you need caching? Do you need to optimize images? Should you disable emojis, embeds, revisions, etc.?
  • Is your website optimized for search engines? Do you need a plugin? Which one? How do you configure it if you don't know SEO?
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I'll Save You Time, Money and Headaches

If you want to have a site or blog without getting trapped into a technical nightmare, then my WordPress setup service is the right thing for you!

Premium Themes
studiopress authority theme with customizer and gutenberg
  • Save up to $129.95/yr


StudioPress is one of the best WordPress studios and the creator of the famous Genesis Framework.

Their blogging and website WordPress themes are light and focused on performance, thus they’re not bloated with a lot of features.

  • Save up to $49.95/yr


If you don’t think any of the StudioPress themes are suitable for your WordPress site or blog, then you can opt for GeneratePress + Elementor (a freemium page builder).

GeneratePress is a flexible and light theme. Paired with Elementor, it offers you a multitude of design options.

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WordPress powers over 35% of all websites. Its popularity makes it one of the main targets for hackers.

Attacks (mainly automatic) on WordPress websites are relentless. They are always trying to find or exploit known vulnerabilities. 

But with good security, optimized and maintained plugins/themes, you shouldn’t lose sleep over it.

  • Note that no website in the world can be 100% secure.


Caching is a vital part of any site, especially WordPress ones which rely heavily on a database. 

Caching improves your site’s performance, therefore its loading time.

Caching can be set at a server level by the hosting company, using a plugin, or both. 

The cloud WordPress hosting I’ll recommend you offers both.

breeze caching plugin

Image optimization

Image optimization is another vital part of a website’s performance. It will also save you bandwidth and disk space!

Images must have the right format (.jpg, .png, .webp, etc.) and need to be adjusted and compressed before uploading them.

A WordPress plugin will also be installed to further compress the images automatically after the uploading process.


If your target audience is global, not local (i.e city or country), then a CDN (Content Delivery Network) should be used.

A CDN distributes your content through a network of servers all around the world, allowing the end-users to access the one that’s closest to them. Thus, improving loading time.

I’ll be using Cloudflare for your site, which offers a solid free plan. It also adds an extra layer of security.

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On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial if you want to have a better chance of getting organic traffic from search engines (e.g. Google).

The WordPress premium themes I offer you for free are already SEO-friendly. In addition to that, I’ll use a very good SEO plugin which is used by 5+ million sites!

The optimization features pointed out above will also boost your WordPress site’s SEO.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool developed by Google, which provides you with a ton of information regarding your website’s traffic.

It shows you metrics such as:

  • Number of visitors and pageviews; 
  • Traffic source;
  • Devices and browsers used; 
  • and much more. 
google analytics
google search console

Search Console

This is another tool provided by Google. 

Unlike Google Analytics, Search Console focuses on more than just traffic. It provides reports on your website’s:

  • Indexing;
  • Status;
  • Performance; 
  • Potential issues.
  • Free


If you’ll have visitors from the European Union, then you’ll need to have a GDPR privacy policy and cookie pop-up in place.

I’ll add a cookie pop-up and provide you with a standard privacy policy, to save you a lot of research and money.

  • Please note that privacy policies are complex, differ from site to site, and the one I'm providing you is based on a template, not created nor reviewed by a professional lawyer.


Want to Skip All That Hassle and Save Money Too?

Don’t lose time and sanity trying to figure out how to properly set up your WordPress website or blog.



On-going WordPress Support & Maintenance Services

I won’t just set up your WordPress website or blog and then leave you lost in space.


I’m offering friendly, helpful and patient on-going WordPress support service via email or Facebook.

  • Answering questions;
  • Providing guidance;
  • Adding, editing, deleting pages and posts;
  • Adding new functionalities via plugins.

I’m also fluent in English. You won’t have any surprises when you’ll contact me. 🙂

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A WordPress website or blog needs to be maintained, mainly by updating the core, theme and plugins.

WordPress and most themes don’t update often, but plugins do, especially if you have a bunch of them.

Every update could potentially lead to an issue if not done properly. The update might contain a bug, or cause a conflict with the theme or another plugin, and so on.

By using my WordPress maintenance service, you’ll bring the risk of issues down to the very minimum.


Sometimes, Taking the Easy Way Out Is the Right Choice

Save money, time and your sanity! Let me get you started – the right way!