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Static Website Development Services

70-80% of consumers will research a company online before making a purchase, mainly by visiting its website!

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The main features of my static website development services.

  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Mobile-ready (Responsive)
  • Free GDPR Policy
  • Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lite

Decisions, decisions…

Is a Static Website Right for You and Your Business?

Static websites (a.k.a brochure websites) are simple sites suitable for small businesses and freelancers who only want to present information about their business, services or products.

It's Right For You If...

  • You won't need to modify the content or design often or at all.
  • You don't need a database and dynamic functionalities based on user action (e.g. blog, shop, registration, admin dashboard, etc.).
  • You don't need complex, interactive features or functionalities.


  • Better optimization and performance than website builders or CMS platforms, such as WordPress.
  • Very secure.
  • Much cheaper to host because it doesn't require a lot of resources.
  • It doesn't require on-going maintenance.

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A Static Website Is Not for You? 🙁

My WordPress setup service offers a more flexible solution, especially if you need a dynamic website with different functionalities!


Your Website Will Purr

If you want a website that’s modern, light, fast, and secure, then my static website development services are the right thing for you!

Strong Foundation

Customized Bootstrap

Your static website will be based on Bootstrap, which is the most popular front-end framework, initially created at Twitter!

Its mobile-first design will ensure that your website will be responsive and look great on any device.

I’ll only use parts of the framework that are necessary for your website, reducing weight and improving performance.

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Valid Markup

Clean markup (HTML code) is another advantage of a static website. 

This can be very difficult or even impossible to achieve when using a CMS platform, such as WordPress.

That’s because of all the code cluster created by the theme and different plugins, which are created by different developers with different techniques.



Since they don’t use a database and interactive functionalities, static/brochure websites can’t be hacked, as in broken into, unless the server itself is hacked.

There are a couple of indirect (no hacking) “hijacking” techniques, such as clickjacking, but some simple security headers will take care of that.

  • Note that no website in the world can be 100% secure.
security headers
page speed insights

Loading Time

If kept simple and properly optimized, static/brochure websites can have great loading times!

It will be highly unlikely, very difficult or even impossible to achieve similar performance with website builders or CMS platforms, such as WordPress. 

  • Please note that site performance is not a black or white issue. It differs from site to site, depending on the amount of content, infrastructure, features, etc. It's also important to know how speed tools work, mainly that they normally do not measure the real-world loading time!


Caching can really boost a website’s performance, therefore it’s vital. 

Since static websites don’t depend on database queries, complex caching systems are not required.

All that’s needed is simple browser caching along with features such as minification and Content Delivery Network (if your site’s audience is not local – i.e country, city).

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Image Optimization

Images play an important part in website design, but they can affect its performance if not used properly.

Images need the proper format depending on their type (e.g. SVG for illustrations, JPG or WEBP for photos). 

Some types of images also need to be adjusted to proper sizes and compressed before being used. 

So, I’ll use the proper formats and tools to make sure that your images are optimized.


If your target audience is global, not local (i.e city or country), then a CDN (Content Delivery Network) should be used.

A CDN distributes your content through a network of servers all around the world, allowing the end-users to access the one that’s closest to them. Thus, improving loading time.

I’ll be using Cloudflare for your site, which offers a solid free plan. It also adds an extra layer of security.

seo structured data


Starting with a good on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital if you want to increase your chances for better rankings on search engines (e.g. Google).

Besides optimizing your static website to load fast, which is also a ranking factor, I’ll also implement other features and best practices, such as proper heading structure (H1-H6), JSON-LD structured data for rich snippets, and more.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool developed by Google, which provides you with a ton of information regarding your website’s traffic.

It shows you metrics such as:

  • Number of visitors and pageviews; 
  • Traffic source;
  • Devices and browsers used; 
  • and much more. 
google analytics
google search console

Search Console

This is another tool provided by Google. 

Unlike Google Analytics, Search Console focuses on more than just traffic. It provides reports on your website’s:

  • Indexing;
  • Status;
  • Performance; 
  • Potential issues.
  • Free


If you’ll have visitors from the European Union, then you’ll need to have a GDPR privacy policy and cookie pop-up in place.

I’ll add a cookie pop-up and provide you with a standard privacy policy, to save you a lot of research and money.

  • Please note that privacy policies are complex, differ from site to site, and the one I'm providing you is based on a template, not created nor reviewed by a professional lawyer.


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