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WordPress is a flexible CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to create simple to complex websites using pre-made themes, page builders, and other plugins for different functionalities. 

Usually, WordPress is used if the website requires modifications often, dynamic content based on user action (e.g. blog, shop, etc.), or interactive features.


Static web development is usually used for informational websites that don’t require dynamic content (e.g. blog, shop, etc.), interactive features, a database, or modifications often or at all.

Static websites (a.k.a brochure websites) require web development knowledge and take more time to create. But it also has advantages: very secure, better performance, not resource-intensive, doesn’t require constant maintenance.

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of consumers search the internet to find a local business
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more leads generated by B2B marketers who are blogging
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of U.S. consumers trust information and advice from blogs